The workshop will be a broad-ranging and discursive event, with a number of short, provocative talks, covering key themes and questions in steering complex systems from different perspectives.  In addition to talks, there will also be interactive demonstrations of tools and methods.

Session 1:

  • 2.30pm – welcome and introduction
  • 2.40pm – Keynote: Biosphere 2 – a case study, Aaron BugajLessons learned from an ambitious systems ecology experiment and how they can be applied to modern day complex systems management and intervention.
  • 3.30pm – Droplets as Liquid Robots Jitka Cejkova, Taisuke Banno, Martin M. Hanczyc and Frantisek Stepanek (abstract)
  • 3.45pm – Systems Aikido Alexandra Penn
  • 4.00pm – facilitated discussion for session 1

Coffee break and Demonstrations (4.15-4.45pm):

  • Tools for bio-hybrid robot-animal societies.  Rob Mills
  • Collaboratively Constructing Whole Systems Models. Alex Penn

Session 2:

  • 4.45pm – Invited speaker: Engineering and Control of Self-Organization (ECSO): Are Planning and Laissez-Faire Compatible? Rene Doursat (abstract)
  • 5.15pm – Cooperative Object Herding as Example for Modeling Emergent MultiAgent Coordination: Patrick Nalepka (abstract)
  • 5.30pm – Intelligence Amplification by Artificial Life to Steer Complex Systems Takashi Ikegami, Mizuki Oka (abstract)
  • 5.45pm – facilitated discussion, session 2
  • 6.00pm – group discussion, including identification of opportunities, issues, key themes raised; and next community-forming steps (during ALife week and beyond)